September SOTM

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My very first meet Christina was one of the first people make me laugh and feel welcome. Since that day over the course of two years she has become one of my closest and dearest friends. EVERY person she comes across she is so kind to and never judges them. Regardless of any drama that arises she manages to always stay neutral and stay everyones friend through thick and thin. She’s one of the biggest POST WHORES on this entire site. Her current count is over 80k and this is her SECOND account, lmao! You don’t find many OG Scikos like herself that are still that active.

She invites anyone and everyone into her home even if she doesn’t know them. Even at our South Central Regional meet many members will tell you that she housed and fed them for the weekend. She’s active, she loves her car, loves her friends and family, and definitely deserves to be in the APPRECIATION SPOTLIGHT for all her friendly help and work over the years in Scikotics, as well as in her every day life.

Christina you are AMAZING! You have a heart of GOLD that no one can ever compare to and we all love you very much…

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Posted in Scikotics of the Month on September 2, 2010


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Nick Schabert
Minneapolis Chapter
2006.5 BSP xB

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Posted in Scikotics Ride of the Month on September 2, 2010


Here are some peeks at the new 2011 Scion TC and IQ. Read more & discuss in the forums


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Posted in News on May 10, 2010