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Scikotics (a variation of ‘Psychotics’, pronounced ’sigh-kaw-tiks’) is a Scion owners club. It was started in March of 2005 in Tulsa, Oklahoma by Scion enthusiasts in the area. Thanks to Scion Life web forums and the dedicated work of early members, from August of 2005 to March of 2006 11 more chapters were created across the U.S. including DFW, Minneapolis, Seattle, and NY.

As of now, Scikotics has over 70 chapters stretching across the United States, and is the largest non-profit Scion owners club in the world.

Scikotics Community

An important aspect of Scikotics that most other national car clubs lack is a shared message board. All of the chapters have their own area to post local events and have conversations, but there are many common areas for members to chat about anything, whether it be Scion related or not. This leads to a large sense of community with members from around the nation.

Another important part of the club is supporting other Scikotics clubs. If a club is having a car show or event, an effort is made by most, if not all other Scikotics clubs in the area to go to the show or event to support their fellow Scikotics. Event details are easily accessible because of the single message board.

When going to a car show, it is customary for all of the members attending to meet up somewhere near where the show is being held, then roll into the show as a group. Scikotics even has a special cookie recipe.

Starting a Chapter

All it takes to start a Scikotics chapter is four members that own Scions. Once the founding four members have signed up on the official Scikotics website, a section is added to the message boards for their chapter. Chapters are required to have at least one meeting per month, though many have them biweekly or even every week.

Chapter Leaders

Each chapter must have a club president who is known as the HMFIC. A vice president is customary, but not required right away and is known as a VMFIC. The HMFIC and VMFIC are typically in charge of planning events for the club, arranging monthly meetings, and getting dealer sponsorship for the chapter, though any member can suggest an event. Some clubs also have a CPR. This position is typically held by a person that loves promoting their car and their club. The CPR’s main job is recruiting new members and staying current with the day to day online happenings of their club as well as Scikotics as a whole.

Scikotics Asylum

Scikotics Asylum is a national car show for Scions. It is held yearly in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the summer months. Past years, Asylum has been a two-day event. Friday evening, a meet-and-greet is held at a local restaurant with other festivities held afterwards for those who choose. Saturday morning and early afternoon is the main car show which also has food, contests, raffles, and a number of different forms of entertainment. That evening, a night show is held where cars can show off all of their after market lights on their cars. After trophies are awarded, there is usually a cruise for everyone through downtown Tulsa. Sunday is reserved for everyone to make their drives back home, though some groups get together for farewell breakfasts or brunches.

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