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    Default ARK Performance Exhaust & Strut Bar for your tC

    ARK Performance Inc. was founded 15 years ago, and is now one of the largest leading manufacturing facilities in the Republic of Korea for aftermarket performance products. Since the beginning, our main goal is to design and engineer high-end quality products that are reliable and proven for all types of professional motorsports.

    At ARK Performance, we are devoted to offer you new and trend setting exhaust systems, suspension parts, engine parts, CNC machined products, and body exterior parts, that will always be superior in performance, design, and craftsmanship using advanced innovative technology. With the experience, knowledge, and passion, we are committed and value our customers and the industry with nothing but the best and up to date products.

    DT-Exhaust System
    The ARK Exhaust System is committed to leadership, technological innovation, and supplying the best quality performance exhaust products in the automotive aftermarket. Today, those efforts have earned ARK position of being the best and one of the largest sport exhaust manufacturer. The sound of a ARK exhaust system is as distinctive as the performance gains it makes, so it is imperative that the acoustic signature be 100% ARK.
    The ARK DT-S muffler has a warm exhaust sound at idle and a robust full-throttle note. All ARK Fabrication Performance Exhaust systems are 100% T-304 stainless steel mirror polished, all tubes are precision mandrel bent and everything is hand TIG welded featuring 12month warranty. Additionally, No other company has devoted more time to sport exhaust sound results. Deep, throaty and rich. That is the sound of ARK. You are going to love the fit, finish, and performance of your ARK exhaust system. And the sound is going to turn heads, including yours. They are a direct replacement for the original equipment - no cutting, welding, or modification is required. Installation was a snap because it all lined up just like the stock system.

    TC - 05-10 - - ANT10L - 2.5" Piping - Single Straight Polished Tip T-304 POLISHI S-STEEL System
    TC - 11-12 - - AGT20L - 2.5" Piping - Single Straight Burnt Tip T-304 POLISHI S-STEEL System

    N-II Exhaust System (Generic Photo)
    The factory exhaust system of all cars restricts airflow, sacrificing power for sound. ARK's pursuit of perfection led us to design a system that increases the speed of exhaust exiting your engine, thereby allowing for less backpressure. The result is reaching your engine's potential for increased power, torque, and response, all without sacrificing sound quality.
    All ARK exhaust systems are engineered with performance, quality, and value as our main goal. Through extreme efforts from our R&D teams, we have maximized all airflow and power through dyno testing and tuning, while maintaining reasonable sound levels for street use. ARK Exhaust Systems all retain all factory emissions equipment and conform to the California Vehicle Code 95-decibel exhaust noise (Note: Some ARK exhaust systems require a removable silencer). Each ARK Exhaust is designed specifically for your car. What works on one car may not be optimal for another car. Therefore we meticulously test each system to make sure everything is perfect.
    Each ARK system features high quality mandrel bent, SUS T-304 polished piping, which allows for the smoothest exhaust flow throughout the system. Piping diameter is also important to the optimal exhaust flow and power gains. Because of the consistent pipe diameter in all the bend areas from the mandrel bending process there is less restriction and turbulence which increases exhaust flow velocity and worded a bit different.

    TC - 11-12 - - AGT20L - 2.5" Piping - 4.5" Angle Cut Burnt Tip T-304 POLISHI S-STEEL System

    Strut Bars

    TC - 05-10 - - ANT10L - Front - STEEL

    GO TO NOPI ARK PERFORMANCE Catalog for model specific images and details

    Contact the salesmen below or PM me for our best deal on ARK PERFORMANCE Products
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