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    Default EBC Yellow Stuff Brakes

    A while back I began my search for brake upgrades that could improve my Autocross time without breaking the bank. I decided pads and stainless steel lines were the way to go and after some research, went with EBC pads. (still researching the lines) So here is my review of the EBC Brakes Yellow Stuff Pads for the tC2. If you choose to get the Red or Green Stuff pads, you will see some differences.

    Pros: Neck breaking stopping power without a full brake upgrade. Pads break in quickly. Clean, smooth stopping. Very easy installation.

    Cons: More brake dust (thus more squeaking) than stock.

    Review: Bottom line, these brake pads are great. They stop my car as effortlessly as Jason Bourne taking down a local bad guy. Given the relatively low cost for the performance gains and the importance of brakes on any car, I would definitely put these on the “must have” list of mods.

    The 3 main levels of pads EBC makes is Green (very low dust with the same stopping power as stock), Red (same amount of dust as stock, but more stopping power), and Yellow (street-legal racing pads). If you know me at all, you know I’d have to think harder on whether or not to roll up my windows when I wash my car than on which pads I’d want of those three. So EBC sent me Yellow Stuff pads.

    When I first opened the box, my heart sank as I saw the inner box said “Pontiac Vibe & Toyota Matrix” on it. Thankfully there is a Google and I was quickly able to verify these were in fact the correct pads. Whew!!! I installed the pads that night, which took about 30 min total.

    Taking it easy for the first 150 or so miles, I was surprised to find out even the Yellow Stuff pads are very tame during light braking. At first, I wondered if they were going to be any better than stock in raw braking power. Oh buddy… These pads are deceptively powerful. The first time I decided to stop a little faster (what I would consider “normal” braking) was coming off the freeway. Applying the same pressure (and feeling just like stock pads used to) I was at almost a complete stop only halfway to my intended stopping point. From there, I turned on the road to my house, and at the next light, decided to use a little more pressure… which sent everything on my passenger seat flying. After a quick inventory to ensure none of the stuff now on the floor was broken, I had only one word, “Cool!”

    The latest step for my review is with what I consider firm braking. If hard braking is what you do during a race or to avoid hitting a child running out into the street, firm braking is what I would do if I realized I couldn’t make a yellow light before it turned red. With the new pads, firm braking sent my ABS into a frenzy. Much like hard braking with my stock pads, firm with the new ones overpowers the stock tires and the ABS goes crazy trying to keep the wheels from locking up. While this is certainly impressive, it poses one problem. My new pads have way more to give than my stock tires can handle. I feel like I have a supercar and can only drive it up to 45 mph. Ugh. But I will be getting new tires fairly soon, so I will continue to update my review as I can.

    Hope this helps if you’re deciding whether to upgrade your pads!

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    Default Re: EBC Yellow Stuff Brakes

    thats tottaly bad ass i like the yellow brake pads. but is there really that much of a noticeably difference in stopping. and is brake dust still black ?

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    Great review bro.

    Sounds like good pads. It was a good read... with brakes I don't wanna be cheap.

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