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03-19-2012, 09:39 PM
Okay here is the build log of the car project that started 4 years ago. Multiple local hack body shops have screwed me but thats almost all fixed now. The main project is the audio project. Earlier this year my wife bought us an additional SUV so that i can FINALLY pull the scion off the street as a daily driver. She started off as a 2007 Scion Tc Release Series 3.0.
I wont go into all the mods as this is an audio forum. I bought a Ultima yellow top battery of course, with a Tsunami 0 gauge multi amp kit. i proceeded to gut the car recently as you can see.
This is the layer of Dynamat i put on the skin 3 years ago.
I will be putting the panel back on with Stinger Overkill foam sound dampener.
The floor has started to be prepped for the Stinger Carpet Pad
Here is the passenger side with FatMat installed
Wire anchors are being installed under the fatmat as the factory wire guides are to thick to allow the carpet pad to fit.
I purchased a few goodies for the new install.
Bought this from a DIYMA member (AudioControl DQXS)
And these from crutchfield to give me better tweeter imaging until i can figure out the a pillar or kick panel situation.
And this custom full width box from www.supercrewsound.com Well made box and indeed it does fit like a glove
I am keeping my Kenwood Excelon XXV-04s speakers front and for now rear
I am installing the Pioneer PRS-4200 Stage 4 amp and the Kenwood Excelon XXV-03a Amplifier for now until i can swing the Zukki custom amps and ill put the old amps either for sale or in my Rav 4.
I also have an Audio Control Matrix Line Driver this is how i previously had them installed
. My Subwoofer of Choice JL AUdio 12W6v2 SVC. in the old box
http://i.clbsn.com/photos/1/3/65900_2a10d10e6e.jpg[/IMG (http://i.clbsn.com/photos/1/3/65900_2a10d10e6e.jpg%5b/IMG)]
This is my old headunit now in the used Rav 4
I will be finishing the FatMat installation slowly as the factory wiring is kind of a pain to move around and resecure. The seat belts need to come out and of course go back in. That part will probably take me a few weeks.

04-20-2012, 12:00 AM
that is amazing. How long did it take to completely strip the tc like that??

04-20-2012, 08:37 AM
that is amazing. How long did it take to completely strip the tc like that??
Since I have limited time it took me about a month. But there are a lot of factors. If its your first time gutting it should probably take you 20 hours or so. If your a veteran than it can be done in 10 or less. Things like if it's a daily driver or project car also affect ot

04-26-2012, 07:27 AM
That looks awesome man, I can't wait for my car to become 6 years old so I am not scared to tear it apart and make it into a show car! Keep up the work on it, a custom car is never complete!

04-26-2012, 07:33 AM
Thank you man, and you are so right there is NO WAY i could do this if this was a daily driver. so points to the wife lol. thanks not much work altely on it as im in finals but soon ill have an uppdate. thanks for the love.